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Buyback Terms & Condition

Buyback Terms & Condition

Bibelot Jewels has one of the best Buy Back Policies in the industry.
We are offering hassle free buyback. We are happy to accept your old used jewellery back and give you the best price of your jewellery. If you get bored with old pieces you can easily exchange it with us. Bibelot Jewels gives you 100% + 5% extra money back of prevailing price of silver with free lifetime facility.

Therefore, we buy back them under the following conditions:

  • Original Invoice is mandatory.
  • Authenticity Certificate is mandatory which was provided at the time of purchased.
  • Every jewellery piece will be checked for real weight before Buy Back.
  • Stone's are not included in the metal cost.
  • Buy back can be done by returning the item on our website and buying something new of the same value or more.
  • No cash will be refunded.
  • Product should be from our website.

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